"Aditya Verma, a virtuoso of the sarod... an incredible player who's capable of making both deeply introspective and fiery music... To say that (he) left the audience slack-jawed is an understatement."

Errol Nazareth, CBC Radio One, Metro Morning, Aug. 2005


"Verma flaunts his mastery of the instrument"

8/10 (Rupert Bottenberg), Montreal Mirror
Portrait of Aditya Verma

"a CD of musical and poetic genius... The musicians unite brilliantly in their performances, and the recording sparkles... soft celestial background music."

Hinduism Today, December 18, 1997


"Aditya Verma is a man with a penchant for barely audible detail that impacts subliminally inside your
head after the last note has gone to sleep. Saraswati Devi is a winner!"

­Life Positive Magazine

"Virtuose du sarode, instrument à cordes traditionnel, Aditya Verma donne à la musique indienne classique un nouveau souffle."

Zale Seck, Place des Arts, le magazine, VOL. 16, NO. 5, Summer 2005

"Though he's probably too modest to admit it, Aditya Verma is something of a jet-set superstar."

Kim Hughes, 2000-10-12


"Aditya concentrated on exploring, in a stately and serene manner.... It was not only technically correct but also aesthetically pleasing.... he produced a beautiful image... seemed to put the audience in a trance."

JAYA SUBRAMANIAM, Sruti 193, October 2000

"Indo-Canadian Verma's a top-flight sarod player with over a decade of studies in India under his belt. Backed up by tabla man Vinya, he'll unspool the sacred ragas with utmost panache."

Mondo gratis - Around the world on your ass at Lafontaine Park by RUPERT BOTTENBERG


"...our very own Canadian-born, dashing and debonair artistes, Vineet Vyas of Atlantic Canada on the tabla and Aditya Verma of Quebec on the sarod... kept the audience spellbound with their complete mastery of their respective instruments as also their compatability on stage."

Aruna Mallya Gupta, South Asian Outlook, June 2002

"A magnificent concert. Aditya gave the audience an amazing experience and taste of the Hindustani music, which was intriguing, electrifying and simply put, breathtaking. At the same time, his performance also revealed his passionate energy and his intensely emotional approach to the music."

Sharmin Sharif


"Aditya Verma has been on an ascending path since the late 90s. A virtuoso of the sarod, a fretless lute from Northern India, he performs classical ragas and accumulates collaborations in the field of world fusion. ...he soon built a following among world music enthusiasts. His virtuosity and charm soon got him on the world music festival circuit from coast to coast."

4/5 François Couture, All Music Guide


Musical milestones

  • 30+ year performance career touring extensively in North America, Europe and India
  • Played with the Washington Symphony Orchestra and multicultural ensemble on Capital Hill for over 500,000 people.
  • Disciple of world music icon Late Ravi Shankar
  • Radio and television - nationwide and international; frequently interviewed on CBC
  • Featured in several documentaries and as guest performer
  • Numerous fellowships and awards from arts organizations
  • Co-produced/ composed/ arranged CD, "Dharani-Earth" with Lavanya Narasiah, featuring more than 30 musicians from Montreal and around the world blending the language and sounds of India, West Africa, Brazil and Latin America